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Revista "World Food Regulation Review" - Vol. 16, number 2 July 2006


Around the world

Australia: Benzene in Flavoured Beverages

Belgium: Withdrawal of Hoodia

Canada: Canada Amends Food & Drug Regulations

Canada: Sour Spray Candy

European Union: EFSA Evaluates Ochratoxin A in Food and Derives a Tolerable Weekly Intake

European Union: Revision of EC Novel Food Regulation

European Union: EFSA Management Board Paves the Way for Future Developments

European Union: Renewal of EFSA Management Board

European Union: EFSA Welcomes Summary Opinions by its Pesticides Panel

Finland: Food Safety Authority Moves to Viikki

Finland: Evira Investigates Health Claims Used in Finland

Ireland: Country of Origin on Restaurant Beef

Ireland: Simplification of the National Sheep Identification System

New Zealand: Food Safety Training and Education Reviewed

United Kingdom: The Use of Gas to Kill Birds Outside Slaughterhouses

United Kingdom: Review of Research Linking Diet and Behaviour in Children

United Kingdom: TV Food Advertising to Children

United Kingdom: Surveys for Brominated and Fluorinated Chemicals

United Kingdom: Mycotoxins: Advice for Wheat Farmers Published

United States: FDA Guidance on Allergens and Toxins in the Food and Feed Supply

United States: FDA Guidance on Toxicological Testing of Food Additives

United States: Funding Approved for FCN Program

United States: Namibia Considered Free of FMD

United States: Group Berates Starbucks About Milk

United States: Importation of Untreated Citrus from Mexico for Processing in Texas

United States: Early Evaluation of New Non-Pesticidal Proteins Recommended


- Mike Jobson, Japan Agrees to Lift Ban on US Beef Imports

- CFIA Completes BSE Investigation

Codex News

International Developments:

- Higher FAO Profile in Europe

- Genetic Resources in Agriculture the Key to Food Security

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